Beachey and Oldfield

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Barney Oldfield - 1910

Barney Oldfield - 1910

Lincoln Beachey and Barney Oldfield gave joint exhibitions at least 35 times during 1914. Oldfield, simply the most famous race driver in the U.S., and Beachey, then among the most famous aviators in the world, staged hippodrome races throughout the U.S. These were not races in the true meaning of the word, for it really mattered little who won, since Beachey and Oldfield were partners. The important thing was to put on a good show, and that they certainly did, without a doubt.

Brighton Beach billboard

Billboard advertising the Brighton Beach exhibition

Barney and Beachey

Oldfield's 100 h.p. FIAT racer (above, not a STUTZ, in spite of Barney's STUTZ jumpsuit) was the vehicle most often used by Oldfield in the races with Beachey. Oldfield also had the front-wheel drive CHRISTIE (popularly known as the "Monster Christie" and the "Killer Christie") at his disposal. Barney and Lincoln could both draw large crowds, for the public had seen Barney racing for years.

Oldfield vs. Beachey

Beachey and Oldfield racing for
"The Championship Of The Universe"

The combination must have been stunning... Beachey's aeroplane and Barney's red racer speeding past the grandstand, both with unmuffled engines roaring, enormous clouds of dust spewing from Barney's wheels. While automobiles had raced against aeroplanes previously, no one had managed to produce the spectacle which awaited those lucky enough to hold tickets to a race for "The Championship Of The Universe."

Ascot ticket

Ticket to the Ascot Park Exhibition - 1914

Barney Oldfield - 1914

Barney Oldfield - 1914

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