The Genius of Aviation

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One of the best known publicity pieces produced by the Beachey enterprise was "The Genius of Aviation," which (despite the by-line on the cover) was certainly written by a publicist, not by Lincoln Beachey, although it did reflect some of his views fairly well. The booklet's images were manipulated and the text made some doubtful claims, but even so "The Genius of Aviation" stands as a wonderful example of the exhuberant publicity material produced at the time. The booklet also managed to make a fairly good popular argument that the U.S. government, most notably Congress, should provide substantial financial support to the aviation industry. At the time, and for years to come, that support was very meager.

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Cover of "The Genius of Aviation"

Pages 2 and 3 of "The Genius of Aviation"

Pages 4 and 5 of "The Genius of Aviation"

Pages 6 and 7 of "The Genius of Aviation"

Back cover of "The Genius of Aviation"

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