Beachey's Aerial Machines

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Beachey's aerial career began in 1900, working with gas-filled balloons. Between 1905 and the time of his death in March of 1915, Lincoln Beachey gave aerial exhibitions in almost every state of the United States, as well as Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Millions of people saw him aloft in one-person dirigible airships and aeroplanes. In the last full year of his career, between November of 1913 and November of 1914, he gave exhibitions in 126 cities and towns across the U.S.

The Baldwin Captive Balloon

The Baldwin Airships

The Knox Airship

The Beachey Airship

The Beachey-Knabenshue Racing Airship

The Curtiss Model D Biplane

The Curtiss Model D Headless Biplane

The Beachey Tractor Biplane

The Beachey-Curtiss Special Looper Biplane

The Beachey-Martin Looping Tractor Biplane

The Beachey-Eaton Biplane of 1914 - 1915

The Beachey-Eaton Monoplane of 1915

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