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Welcome to the Lincoln Beachey web site. Between 1905 and 1915, the Pioneer Era of Aviation in the United States, hundreds of women and men learned to fly, in airships, gliders and aeroplanes. One of the very best aviators among these pioneers of the air was Lincoln Beachey, who flew balloons, one-person dirigible airships, biplanes and monoplanes during his ten-year aerial career. This site will chronicle his life and career, as well as offer thoughts on his place in aviation history, the myths and legends which have surrounded his life and career, and his significant accomplishments.

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AVAILABLE December 2021

"LINCOLN BEACHEY & The Exhibition Era -
Pioneer Aeronaut & Aviator"

(ISBN 0-9727059-3-7)

by Carroll F. Gray

(Once again, previously unavailable material and images
have been located which has delayed publication)

Lincoln Beachey's true story, a full and factual account of his remarkable life and career in the air. Illustrated with many rare, never-before published photographs and original scale drawings of his airships and aeroplanes, fully indexed, with extensive chapter notes and sources, hardcover with dust jacket.

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Lincoln Beachey - A Brief Biography
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